The year it all went online: Reflections on #EDUC90970

Had I not enrolled in #EDUC90970 this year I imagine my rapid (aka forced) transition to online learning would have been significantly more stressful. I still remember the day in late March when all staff were notified via email that due to the hasty spread of COVID-19 we would be moving to remote teaching effectiveContinue reading “The year it all went online: Reflections on #EDUC90970”

Taking ‘Working with Groups’ online #EDUC90970

This week I presented a proposal for a subject I’ve been teaching for the last 4 years but has now been revised and revamped for the online environment. As a result of COVID, we (by which I mean academics) have all had to make rapid changes to teaching online. What I’ve become acutely aware ofContinue reading “Taking ‘Working with Groups’ online #EDUC90970”

What can VR do for psychology training…a lot it seems! #EDUC90970

To be honest VR is something I have been fearful of, not in the sense that it causes me great anxiety but to the extent that it has seemed something too overwhelming to understand, let alone teach with. I can thankfully say I no longer view mixed reality tools in this way, largely due toContinue reading “What can VR do for psychology training…a lot it seems! #EDUC90970”

The beauty of a worked example #EDUC90970

No doubt at some stage in your own educational journey you have experienced a class or course where the teacher moved too fast (for you) or the material was so complex you felt you barely learnt a thing. Sound familiar? If this has happened to you, cognitive load likely had something to do with it.Continue reading “The beauty of a worked example #EDUC90970”

Becoming a digital resident…..more than an endless stream of notifications

Having an online presence takes commitment and in my experience, requires a great deal of divided attention. Having completed my V and R map (see image) what stood out so acutely was just how many platforms I interact with in the context of both my professional and personal life. Albeit COVID has played a significantContinue reading “Becoming a digital resident…..more than an endless stream of notifications”

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